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"Your opponent won't know what hit 'em!"


ROCI is a Return on Campaign Investment tool that provides actionable intelligence to campaigns by tracking the effectiveness of campaign resources such as organizers, events, and paid media. ROCI also lets you track Progress to Goal in a dynamic fashion with regions that you define.

Political strategy is still informed by gut instinct as much as hard data. This return on investment tool takes the data that is available, maps it, visualizes it, and analyzes it - all while letting you define your regions, goals, turf assignments, and ad buys.

With ROCI, a campaign manager can quickly comprehend and, without a postgrad degree in statistics, use the data to efficiently create an informed political strategy.

While this project is in its early stages, ROCI's goal is to end the era of inaccurate gut targeting and replace it with real-time tracking of a campaign's strategy.


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